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Reiki is a thousands of year old Japanese healing art invented by a Japanese Buddhist doctor, Usui Mikao, which is used for the highest health and good of each person. The aim of the Reiki practitioner is to hold open awareness so the body is allowed to relax and release on a more subtle level than that of a massage. Reiki works directly with the bioenergetic rhthyms of the body, much like craniosacral therapy. A Reiki session involves holding hands over points of the body to redirect energy flow, much like acupuncture, yet without the needles.
Overall benefits include a deeper sense of relaxation, reduction in anxiety or depression, decreased physical pain, enhanced energy, clarity and internal balance. More profound changes could include emotional releases, new perspectives on unhealed past traumas, and karmic healing. Reiki does not have any contraindications and can be received and experienced by anyone.

Reiki can be booked as its own 50 minute session or as a 25 minute add on to any massage! 

Reflexology is a localized method of encouraging transformation throughout the whole body. It has been scientifically proven that points in the hands and feet represent aspects in the body. Holding these points can encourage positive transformation in the parts of the body associated with the particular point in the foot or hand. The session is spent entirely on the hands and feet, while the entire system receives the beneficial effect. More specific benefits include: reduced stress and anxiety, increased blood circulation, relief of bodily pains, and improvement overall well-being. 

Reflexology can be book as its own 25 minute session or as a 25 minute add on to any massage!

Reiki & Reflexology